The United States Veterans Art Program

Donating art supplies to VA Medical Centers and bringing visibility to Veterans through the expressive arts.  

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Your generous gift will help fund our "Artistic Tools" mission to provide art resources to VA  facilities throughout the country and to create community-based  military veteran-themed  discussions through expressive arts presentations.

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What We Do and Why?

"ME" By Carol Williams (Army)

How We Make a Difference

 By encouraging and supporting an aesthetic response to military service, we emphasize the unique diversity of military veterans and create a new identity for veterans as artists, altering the view of veterans as always in need of healing. Through providing art resources to VA Medical facilities and creating community collaborations towards arts programming, we engage our audiences to reflect on what it means to serve in the military (historically and present day) and the unique experiences associated with that service. 

Community Engagement

We are doing much-needed work to create social awareness of veterans and their experiences serving in the military. We do this by developing arts presentations that engage audiences to have a better understanding of the military veteran and acknowledge publicly the intelligence, ingenuity, and capability of veterans that may not always fit the stereotype of “Warrior” or “Hero”. We meld contemporary veterans’ issues with community-based support to highlight the importance of developing and recognizing veteran’s participation in society and culture. 

Why We Do What We Do

By supporting an aesthetic response to military service through art donations, art performances and presentations, we educate the public about the contributions and struggles of veterans and provide a unique perspective for veterans as people who have a wide and eclectic societal pallet that might alter the ways in which they see themselves and are seen by the public. 

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United States Veterans Arts Program

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