Our Vision

By encouraging and supporting an aesthetic response to the military experience, we hope to emphasize the diversity of the veteran population and to create a new identity of veterans as people who are capable, gifted, and resilient, and also that they often possess the very voice that society needs to hear and to heed.

2014 - Denver VAMC: Digital Piano to
2014 Denver, CO

The broad mission of USVAP is “to increase the representation of veterans in the arts community”, and we believe that one of the best ways to do this is through the expressive arts.

In 1998 USVAP (then called ArtSynergy) developed and presented collaborative programs between Vietnamese and U.S. Artists to highlight the need for cultural understanding.

USVAP expanded its mission in 2009, by providing durable supplies and resources to state and federal veterans facilities, to be used with the support and guidance provided by Recreation, Music and Art Therapists at those centers. By making these items more available (musical instruments, photography equipment, painting, graphics and ceramics supplies, as well as many other art resources), we believe that we are bringing visibility to the power of art.

In 2015 USVAP relocated to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and has re-empasized our mission to develop programs that bring visibility to veteran creative artists.