The United States Veterans Art Program works in tandem with professional staff therapists, within veterans ’medical facilities, who care for veteran patients on a daily basis or in out-patient programs.


Our Artistic Tools Program exists to support, highlight and promote the concept of this type of therapy by providing art items that these facilities may not be able to procure due to budgetary constraints.


Creative art activities are considered such an important component to healthcare that the Joint Commission ( the national medical facility accreditation organization) recently included the requirement that nursing care facilities include “opportunities to participate in creative art expression” for patients being treated for memory loss and Alzheimers.


The broad mission of USVAP is “to increase the representation of veterans in the arts community”, and we believe that one of the best ways to do this is with our Artistic Tools Program.  This initiative, started in 2009, provides durable supplies and resources to state and federal veterans facilities, to be used within that community, along with support and guidance provided by Recreation, Music and Art Therapists at those centers. By making these items available (musical instruments, photography equipment, painting, graphics and ceramics supplies, as well as many other art resources), we believe that we are bringing visibility to the power of art.


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